The main objectives that the Center of Organic Agriculture in Egypt (COAE) is seeking to achieve:


  • To control and certify operators who produce, process, or sell products according to private or public regulations and are engaged to manage their enterprises or parts of them according to such regulations.


  • To inform the public about private or public regulations regarding biodynamic agriculture and organize training courses in the field of application of such regulations, guidelines, and trademarks (internal training programs for CC members and inspection training programs).


  • To enable the controlled operators to use, under contract, a COAE logo or one the COAE has received under license, to mark the controlled products or enterprises.


  • To cooperate with other national or international organizations with similar objectives.


  • In special cases, COAE may also seek to achieve other objectives which should not be in contradiction with the above ones. COAE may also share other companies with similar objectives in accordance to the law and its executive regulations.