According to Demeter standards, inspection and certification fees for farms, firms, exporters, and importers are as follows:


Application: 100 LE

Annual fees/feddan: 100 LE

The minimum annual fees are 500 LE. These fees include two inspection visits.


Firm inspection and certification according to Demeter standards including relevant subcontractors

Application: 100 LE

Initial inspection: 1,000 LE per day

Basic fees (including the certification process): 12,000 LE

Additional inspection visits: 1,000 LE per day

Subcontractor inspection fees: 6,000 LE

Exporters and Importers

Exporter/Importer Inspection and certification fees according to Demeter standards:

Application: 100 LE

Initial inspection: 1,000 LE per day

Basic fees (including the certification process): 8,000 LE

Additional inspection visit: 1,000 LE per day

Export Certificate

An Export Certificate: 500 LE

Appealing Application

Free of charge